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The new invisible towbar system. This incredible engineered solution is set to revolutionise the entire tow bar market, especially for those who would prefer a hidden system which, until now has proven to be somewhat elusive. 

The R&D towbar development has continued to produce this new innovative Tow Bar. Achieving success the 'Invisible Towbar' has been created.

Detachable TowbarDetachable Towbar


Easy to Use - See the Details Below;

Invisible *Dependant upon make and model

Detachable Towbar

Retractable Electric Sockets

Aesthetically Pleasing Solution for Executive Vehicles

Full VCA / RDW Approval

Minimal Maintenance

Increased Security

Towbar Wiring:

The company engineers will install Automotive Universal wiring for the electrics with your towbar. If you need dedicated electrical wiring, please call for a quote, or, at the time of making the booking installation, confirm that your wiring is to be ''Dedicated Wiring'. Dedicated wiring electrics are not the same price as the Universal Electrical wiring.

UNIVERSAL WIRING 7 PIN and 13 PIN                                                                                                                      DEDICATED WIRING

7 Pin Electrics Universal 13 Pin Electrics Universal Dedicated Wiring Dedicated Wiring




If you are interested in a detachable towbar or dedicated wiring for your vehicle  -

Phone or Text 07483 971889